Anonymous: Wait so is Mashima going to have a chapter in the manga about the Strauss sibling's backstory or what?

Nope, he’s referring to chapter 381.

nawcelest: Can you translate the Volume 45 Afterwards on my page. I want to know if Hiro mentions something interesting. I been trying to translate it using the google app by drawing the words but it is taking forever and the picture translation take forever or doesn't work. If you can I would be very grateful.

I’m just going to list down the more interesting parts since I’m not up to translating the whole thing at the moment ok?

  • Mashima-sensei had constantly been thinking about summoning the Celestial Spirit King and when he should have that happen. He decided on the sacrifice required to summon the Spirit King just before working on that chapter.
  • He wants to think that Lucy and Aquarius won’t be separated forever.
  • The back story on Mira and her siblings was something that he had planned for some time ago, but never had the chance to include in the manga.
  • Jackal seems to be unexpectedly popular amongst the enemies seen this time, even though he’s a terrible guy. Jackal’s supposed to speak in poor Kansei-ben, and Mashima-sensei’s always troubled when it comes to thinking about his speech.

Anonymous: Have some pie honey. You work so hard, remember to take breaks ^.^ *hands slice of apple pie*

Thank you! :)

It’s been a tough month, and I really can’t wait till it’s over!

jhayni-in-the-rain: Quick question about the flashbacks to Natsu's backstory last chapter (400). MS and MP both narrated from Natsu's POV ("When I was little...), whereas CR narrates it the way Mira told Lucy about Natsu's past ("When Natsu was little...). From the raws, which translation do you think is right?

The Chinese scanlations don’t agree on this one either! Ishuhui narrates it the way Mira told Lucy about Natsu’s past, while Jojohot narrates it from Natsu’s POV.

This is the raw from Chapter 2, when Mira told Lucy about Natsu’s past:


And here’s the raw from Chapter 400:


There are 2 things to note about this:

  1. The subject is not specified in both instances. It’s obvious in Chapter 2 that Mira is the one describing Natsu’s past to Lucy, and this is clearly put across in the English translation as well.
  2. The flashback in Chapter 400 is worded exactly the same way as what was stated in Chapter 2. Again, the subject is not specified.

This is why it gets confusing: While it’s clear in Chapter 2 that Mira is the one speaking about Natsu’s past, it isn’t obvious as to who is the person having the flashback in Chapter 400. Not having the subject clearly stated in the original text really doesn’t help either.

Let me skip to the later half of the flashback first:


The panel on the top-right is from Chapter 2, and the one on the bottom left is from Chapter 166. The other 2 panels with the flashback appear to be new. (Thanks to everyone who helped me with this!)

The panel originally from Chapter 166 was from Natsu thinking about Igneel as he cries by himself after hearing about Achnologia from Gildarts. This flashback is clearly Natsu’s only, and never shown to any other character in the story. Also, the text in the 2 new panels are from Natsu’s POV, and I don’t think Natsu would have told anyone else from Fairy Tail about his past in such detail for them to have a flashback as detailed as that. Thus, it seems to me that the later half of these flashbacks are likely to be Natsu’s.

Back to the first part of the flashback… I’ll admit that I don’t have a clear answer as to who’s the one having these flashbacks. It makes more sense for it to be Natsu’s if you were to consider these flashbacks to be from a single person, but must it really be that way? Could it be from 2 different people instead, such as Lucy for the first half and Natsu the second?

While I don’t discount the possibility of the first part of the flashback being Natsu’s as well, I find it strange that the wording used is exactly the same as in Chapter 2, when Mira told Lucy about Natsu’s past. The panels are almost exactly the same too. It seems more likely to me that it’s Lucy remembering exactly what Mira told her about Natsu after hearing Natsu mention Igneel’s name. Plus she’s looking at Natsu the whole time too…

You can say the CR translation is “right” in the sense that it keeps the wording the same as in Chapter 2, but as for who is the one that’s having the flashback… I think it’s something that can be open to discussion.