Anonymous: Are the character profiles and relationship charts in FT magazine written by Mashima or someone else? I know the fantasy boyfriend thing for Lucy is by someone else but what about the other stuff?

Who wrote the contents of the magazine was never mentioned, but I think that they’re mostly written by Mashima’s assistants. His editor might have some input as well. I doubt Mashima-sensei has the time to write everything in the magazine; he probably just gives a general idea of what’s to be included, and checks though everything after that?

codus21: Don't forget the "mystery" section for Lucy!! It brings up Layla's death and the dragons' dissapearance. I'd like to see exactly what it says!!

I’ve already translated that part! It’s sitting in my computer. ;)

nawcelest: Can you translate Japanese? If you can then can you translate some stuff I got from the Fairy Tail monthly Magazine? Please and thank you.

Hi! I’ll be doing Lucy’s profile, her character relationship chart and the Fantasy Boyfriend section. I’m unlikely to do the rest though, unless I see something interesting or worth mentioning.