Kakihara Tetsuya (Natsu’s voice actor) interview
from Girl’s Style May 2010
image from rollingpeach@lj

Not a full translation, but just a summary of the more interesting parts of the interview.

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  1. Fashion item that you like: Knit cap (watch cap)
  2. Something you always have with you: Eye drops, since I have dry eyes
  3. Habits: I don’t really have any, but I start washing from head down when in the bath.
  4. Food that you are into recently: Ramen. I like tonkotsu (prok bone broth) ramen.
  5. What comes to mind when you hear the word “spring”: Thinking about Fairy Tail members, it’s the naive and innocent Lucy.
  6. Describe the world of Fairy Tail in a few words: ©Mashima Hiro/Kodansha . Fairy Tail production guild . TV Tokyo (laugh).
  7. What do you have in common with Natsu?: Since the director said “Just act out what you are feeling”, rather than what we have in common, I’d say that Natsu’s myself. (Mashima-sensei also said the same thing about him in the movie’s pamphlet.)
  8. If you can become a Fairy Tail character for a day?: Natsu!
  9. If you became a Fairy Tail wizard, what magic would you like to have? Makarov’s Giant (Titan).
  10. What does “nakama” mean to you? Comrade.


On his view of Natsu:

  • Someone who thinks of his friends and is passionate.
  • Overflowing with power, certainly a man’s man (actual word used is “carnivorous man”).
  • Someone who wouldn’t yield, no matter who the enemy is.

How he felt when he was cast as Natsu:

  • He was so happy that he could jump in joy.
  • He’s a huge fan of the manga, and had read it before the audition.
  • He thought that the manga would surely be made into an anime, and thought to himself, “I knew it!” when word of the audition came around.
  • He didn’t expect to be cast as Natsu.

On why he didn’t expect to be cast as Natsu:

  • He read the manga while imagining how the characters would sound like since he believed that Fairy Tail would eventually be made into an anime.
  • He could think of voices that would fit the various characters, but Natsu’s voice was the only one he couldn’t imagine.
  • He thought that Natsu would be a difficult role for him since he couldn’t imagine how Natsu would sound like.
  • He even wondered about who would end up voicing Natsu.
  • He wanted to participate in the anime, no matter what character he would be given a chance to voice, and he was immensely happy when he was cast as Natsu, something he did not expect.

On whether there are any other characters he would like to voice:

  • None, but when he heard about the auditions, the character he was the most interested in voicing was Gray.
  • He can’t imagine voicing any character other than Natsu now.
  • He can’t image other people voicing the other characters in Fairy Tail either.

A character he’s fond of:

  • Makarov.
  • Even though Makarov’s the master of Fairy Tail, he never forgets to have fun, and yet he’s strict when the situation calls for it. He’s someone that can garner respect.

On how it’s like during recording:

  • "It becomes like the Fairy Tail guild (laugh)."

An episode that he likes:

  • Episode 2 left an impression on him. (The one where Natsu, Lucy and Happy left to find Macao after he hadn’t returned from his mission.)
  • When he was saying the line “All Fairy Tail members are nakama”, he felt as though Natsu had entered him.